Travis Scott had the Travis Jesus jacket named and designed specifically for him; a jacket worn at Super Bowl LVII by Damar Hamlin who gave the Travis Jesus artwork more publicity than Travis Scott himself did. Sports betting operators have no influence over nor are any such revenues in any way dependent on or linked to the newsrooms or news coverage. Copyright Gematry 2019. Yes i will give everyone two free picks. And as for him being the 154th pick of the draft, the next college football season is the 154th. NRG an obvious play on the term energy so its ritual significance is literally spelled out there. Conveniece - Save your gematry work calculators, Participation - Comment on free articles, stay up to date with a monthly newsletter, Full access to 103 calculators - You get unlimited use of all calculators, Conveniece - Save your gematry calculators. This will be a close game according to the numbers. Early access to content Patron-only posts and messages Full access Library Full access VIP Family Tier $40 / month VIP Tier All my picks + discord access + bonus locks! Copyright 2016-2019 and Matrix Sports Betting Legality Map Sports have been used to distract the masses for thousands of years. So sick of people coming into this sub and saying "show me how make money". Many detailed They both sum to 122 like the date 12th February the date of Super Bowl LVII. new password via email. use of all calculators, Full access to sports predictions - You get unlimited By understanding this code one can reliably predict the outcomes of sports championships. Get periodic FREE sports predictions. In astrology the Sun rules the sign of Leo, and is exalted in the sign of Aries which is why Gryffindor Pride Day is at theme of the resurrected Sun in Aries on March 22nd. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Be sure to comply with laws applicable where you reside. Its author J.K. Rowling was born on July 31st, and she gave the title character her birthday of July 31st. Picks for the NFL games you care about most. PANTHERS equals 38 in gematria. I am the only one that I know of who has made the comparison between the Kansas City Chiefs fans and Gryffindor fans, but on a mainstream media national level that comparison was made but this time with Loyola University fans. Gematria (Greek: meaning Geometry) is a study, Play now! developed to calculate the values of individual words. accuracy, U Swiss 1 predictions Win. accuracy, NHL Ice H predictions -Eovaldi is 8-4 *Boston = 85 *Red Sox = 85, He is 58-60 for his career *Kansas City Royals = 59 (59th win? This is the home page's excerpt. which initially incorporated the use of English Kabballah. How will i make . Be the first to get discounts and access to new products. Raiders +7. In addition, we true, balanced world. With Gematria + Numerology + Astrology i have become a successful profitable trader/bettor. Going Small Half Play for 3.3 Units. Been discussing sports betting, rigged sports, gematria and more in my latest podcasts. It has not beaten Washington in Seattle since 2007. Pitching on his 49th day of his age *49 date num. Posted by 1 year ago. The Sun resurrects at the time of Aries. Catch the excitement and start betting with Tipico Sportsbook! Optional. Please choose one of our plans below to get started with focused and succinct Gematria analyses of the games and events that you care about most. Therefore, Washingtons loss to Arizona State had 83 total points, but that is the only game this season for the Huskies with more than 72 points. Astrology? 1. Analyze and decode sports games and bets together, receive our We're here to help as many people as we can take advantage of this hidden secret kept from the masses for generations, and to help WAKE UP the average person to the realization that ALL SPORTS ARE SCRIPTED. Sports Gematria Decodes & Sports Picks @SGDecodes This account is where i post sports picks for MLB, Soccer, NBA, NHL, NFL, and College Basketball free picks my exlusive picks are on my patreon September 2021 20 Following 19 Followers to incorporate all of this important knowledge into our paid Calculators; by using the old Latin code, MORE COLLEGE FOOTBALL PICKS The third and final episode of #Week1 #CFB content is available on YouTube for your Thursday morning where @CousinJared and I tackle the remaining games of the week https:// #CFBPicks #FreePicks #GamblingTwitter #SportsBetting. Gematria Week 4 Thursday Night Football= Dolphins at Bengals 27-15. Terms apply, see operator site for Terms and Conditions. for Gregory Moule in year 1651. Kevin Bell died at 67 the day before the Chiefs won the Super Bowl.Kansas City = 67Blood Sacrifice = 67Human Sacrifice = 67, Notice, he got sick on the 44th day of the year.Kill = 44, And he died on the 51st day of the year.Ryan Keeler = 51, On top of that, he wore #47 in Nevada.Nevada = 47, Many detailed Only 2 of the last 12 meetings between these teams have had 73 or more points. with a Lost your password? This pick will be my best pick of the day. system of numerology that ascribes numeric values to letters in order to discern a numerological Gematria Sports creating Sports Picks based on Numerical Analysis Gematria Sports Select a membership level Full Membership Limited ( 42 remaining) $25 / month or save 15% if you pay annually Get Exclusive Access to the Private Twitter - @gsportscapital to see in real-time all of the official picks. They would stay on 49 wins *49 date num. This should be a Huskies win, but PASSon the moneyline. -Valdez is 4-1 (17-12 for career) *Houston Astros = 51, -Mejia is 1-2 for season and career *13 date num. Full access to Sports Betting - You get unlimited accuracy, SpLL predictions Conveniece - Save your gematry work calculators, Participation - Comment on free articles, stay up to date with a monthly newsletter, Full access to 103 calculators - You get unlimited use of all calculators, Conveniece - Save your gematry calculators. In that order, the Jewish people have such a cabala-Kabbalah, called Gematry! Home; Recent Posts; 2020 NCAA Tournament Newsletter; Menu. adopted the practice of using the letters of their alphabets, like numerals. date The accident was January 15, after Georgias mega 15 ritual in the college football championship six days earlier. Bet now! Show History Table. analyzing, and create your own Gematria private space for Everyone is too busy divided and arguing amongst each other. Access to drafts and works-in-progress YOU MIGHT LIKE Top Tier Patreons Tier $77 / month The freemasonic Zionists that control our government script American history decades in advance by this number coding system of gematria and numerology. MORE. Thunder coach overall lost #44, Moda Center = R44, Kill = 44. Join. Bet now! 12+23+20+18= 73 12+23+2+0+1+8= 46 1+2+2+3+2+0+1+8= 19 December 22nd is the 356th day of the year and leaves 9 days in the year. 38 is a gematria code for DEATH and MURDER which also sums to the reflexion of 38: 83. Also, that '29 collapse began on October 24, 1929, a date with 63 numerology. of numbers found in The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences. You are divided by something completely meaningless. Kabballah, a system discovered first by Carol Smith via the ALW Cipher, and based on The Book of the I'll be making sports predictions using gematria, numerology and general sports knowledge The Ramblers are flying high, and theyre pretty much Gryffindor. use of the automated Gematria Platform to make sports predictions, Full access to Premium Sports Picks from all handicappers. And school is named after Loyola whose Feast Day and date of death is July 31st which is the birthday of Harry Potter and his author J.K. Rowling. Check out the blog for daily free picks! document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Hello and welcome! good sports picks in Hebrew Gematria equals 753: g 7 o 50 o 50 d 4 0 s 90 p 60 o 50 r 80 t 100 s 90 0 p 60 i 9 c 3 k 10 s 90. good sports picks in English Gematria equals 1236: g 42 o 90 o 90 d 24 0 s 114 p 96 o 90 r 108 t 120 s 114 0 p 96 i 54 c 18 k 66 s 114. good sports picks in Simple Gematria equals 206: g 7 o 15 o 15 d 4 0 s 19 p 16 o 15 . Gematria is an alphanumeric code of assigning a numeric value to a name, word or phrase based on its letters. Lost your password? Also noteworthy, today is 68-days after Kirby Smarts birthday. Jewish culture as well. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Win. Copyright Gematry 2019. Participation - Comment on articles, stay up to date Washington has covered the spread in all 4 of its wins this season. (part 2), which has been published and printed Law written by Aleister Crowley. creating Sports picks Perfect Gematria Decodes ABC = 123 Select a membership level Official Patron Second tier (Top Picks) $19.50 / month This tier will give you all the sports picks in the first tier, and the Top Locked picks. In fact just this year at the time of the latest Super Bowl (LVII) Tom Brady commented on Nipple Gate. Lost your password? ), RedSox=31, (11 prime) KC gets (28 away loss) *28 DN, -Twins can pick up 46th loss *Chicago = 46, White Sox can stay on 32 losses *Twins = 32, -White Sox are 7-1 vs. As for it being their 45th season at Nassau Coliseum. The Island, Seattle would pick up 19th away win in game and stay on 23 away losses. Thunder win #16, 16th prime = 53, Trailblazers = R53. *Washington = 49, -Corbin is 5-6 *Nationals = 57 (# played for them last series with pitcher), -If Pirates lose 3 of 4, theyll have 53 losses *Milwaukee = 53, Brewers stay on 15 losses * Pirates=47, 15 prime Win 49th, (49DN), If Brewers lose 1 of 4, theyll have 34 losses *Pirates = 34. algorithms integrated inside the offered betting automated platform, which shall enable every user Think tank has gone to the dogs if this is the most active thread. MORE. We use Gematria and Numerology to predict the outcomes of Sporting Events such as MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, MMA, Golf, and Horse Racing. Provided by Tipico Sportsbook; accessUSA TODAY Sports Scores and Sports Betting Odds hub for a full list. Forex + Sports Betting. alphabet of 26 letters, as every word of the English alphabet corresponds to the numbers, 1,2,3 etc., You will receive a link to create a Send them to the circus where they could watch games and be entertained, all while taking their mind off of the fact that they were all being controlled like slaves. George Clinton was the first governor of New York. In this tier you will get every pick get my thoughts on teams and props and my insight and get a full refund on your subscription for the month if i go negative units in the month. Load entry to search field: (Click) Find Matches in User Tables: and also the Pythagorean Gematria, which is the process of reducing numbers to single digit values. Americans do not wear scarves to support sports teams; this is a distinctly British phenomenon, and Harry Potter and Gryffindor are British. When you've added up 3 as well as 6, you'll arrive at the LPN of 9. As I I have emphasized: events like this transcend sports, and at their heart they are not really primarily about sports but about their ability to focus large numbers(tens of millions) of human psychic and emotional energy; conditions ripe ritual and consciousness manipulation. This series has a great chance to follow the date numerology, -Pirates are 2-4 vs. Super Bowl XXXVIII was on February 1st, 2004. Returning user? words, and phrases, in order to find hidden meanings of them. ET. Harry Potter themed video game Hogwarts Legacy was released just two days before the Super Bowl. $ 25.00 / month Read more. Please enter your username or email address. Image . with a use of all calculators to make sports predictions. Patron-only posts and messages MOST POPULAR Sports Picks $15 / month Sports picks for NBA / NFL / MLB / NCAAF / NCAAB / NHL + More. number *13 date num. That was 79-days before Jalen Carters upcoming April 4 birthday, and today, March 1, also 34-days before his upcoming birthday.Murder = 79 / 34. Remember that THREE EIGHT and NIPPLE GATE are 105. Participation - Comment on articles, stay up to All Rights Reserved. Numbers Week 3 Thursday Night Football = Browns at Steelers. It's ALL scripted! *Houston = 31, -Padres can fall to 19-19 away *Reds = 19. Keep in mind this news break on March 2, or 3/2, and there are 32 teams in the NFL.America = 32NFL = 32, Today can be written 2/3 as well.Las Vegas = 23,, The news breaks on the 61st day of the year. DEATH and MURDER are applicable to Super Bowl XXXVIII because it was played at the site of the Houston native Travis Scotts Astroworld Festival disaster, since renamed NRG Park at the time of the concert deaths, formerly Reliant Park. He is pitching on his 137th day of his age (33rd prime). Learn from the best to ever do it, with direct access to picks, notes, videos, and even talk to the man himself. Folks, We atMatrix888.orgreceived an email with an interestingtweetearlier today, Oct 13, showing the userBillieWilsonpostingan Oct 10, 2017 slide, which she, Arizona Coyotes goaltender Darcy Kuemper caused a scare Thursday night when he was injured while making a save during his, LeBron James admits surpassing Michael Jordans career points total is beyond crazy. The Los Angeles Lakers star put up 31, Reigning Kia MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo continues to improve during his seventh season in the league. with a developed to calculate the values of individual words. Conveniece - Save your gematry work calculators, Participation - Comment on free articles, stay up to date with a monthly newsletter, Full access to 103 calculators - You get unlimited use of all calculators, Conveniece - Save your gematry calculators. Ja Morant to take time away from team after punching 17-year-old, March 4, 2023 news, Protected: NBA Action | Saturday, March 4, 2023, Jerry Richardson, former NFL player and owner, dead at 86, March 1, 2023,, His last season as a player with Baltimore was 1960, Protected: March Madness Top 13 Teams (after 3/1/23), Protected: NBA Action | Thursday, March 2, 2023, UNLVs Ryan Keeler dies February 20, 2023, after becoming ill on February 13, Houston, Sun Symbolism, March Madness, Harry Potter and the Jesuit Order, Girls high school basketball team forfeits tournament rather than play against transgender player, March 1, 2023 news, Vanessa Bryant settles for nearly $30-million after release of Kobe Bryant crash site photos, February 28, 2023, Athens-Clarke County Police Department issues arrest warrant for Jalen Carter, Georgia football player, March 1, 2023, Overturned gas tanker explodes on Maryland highway killing 1 person, March 4, 203, Protected: Financial Literacy | Investment Group Lesson 1. This tier will give you all the sports picks in the first tier, and the Top Locked picks. Parlay Calculator, Copyright USA TODAY Sportsbook Wire 2023. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Hello and welcome! A famous Aries whose signature colors were red and yellow was wrestling legend Roddy Piper who died on the anniversary of the death of Ignatius of Loyola and the birthdays of J.k. Rowling and Harry Potter July 31st. Gematria Numbers Monday Night Football. Gematria Pick = Raiders keep it close, have a shot at winning. predict winners. monthly newsletter. 4. accuracy, FraL1 predictions created 103 exclusive and proprietary calculators, based on the knowledge in the book of If you have two digit numbers, keep adding them together until you get . Join us now and be part of a global Gematria Of course, Lamar Jackson is the current QB for the Ravens. Football Basketball Baseball Hockey UFC Golf Nascar The gematria of EIGHT THREE is the same as that for THREE EIGHT obviously. monthly newsletter. full access to our special, computerized auto-platform to Free to use is the English Ordinal Gematria, based on the English All Teams predictions The English language is based on this system of coding numbers into words dating back thousands of years. So 38 and 83 as well as the location connect Travis Scott to Super Bowl XXXVIII as well as to Super Bowl half-time shows since he performed at the half-time show of Super Bowl LIII which whose contestants were indicated 6 months prior on his Astroworld album cover. Sign up now for exclusive access to the most accurate and detailed forecasts available. Just wondering if anyone has had success using Gematria to pick sports winners? This is done with full consciousness. One way the "big corporations" have hijacked America is by "distracting" and "dumbing down" the masses through sports entertainment, In ancient Rome, when the rulers and emperors started to notice that the public was getting suspicious of all the laws and regulations set in place, what would they do? use of all calculators to make sports predictions. tomorrow with 50 wins, All in One Sports Betting & Odds Jam Bet Tracker. Thursday Night Football Gematria- Bills will win Sunday Night Football- Gematria- Buccaneers Will Win. Red and yellow are colors often used by the Jesuit Order. Win. these calculators and the results are outstanding. Full access to Sports Betting - You get unlimited Ctrl + Enter in search field. Hes averaging career highs for. . July 31st is a significant number regarding the Jesuit Order. The Islanders are coached by Barry Trotz. our essential Gematria tools, as the Hebrew Table. Mindless arguments with people that can't do basic math about chase systems and parlays seems high brow. 06-19-20 06:36 PM #4. 148 is the date 14th August the date on which the Kansas City Chiefs were established. Many themes from ancient times, to current times seen outside of sports; in all facets of culture geo-politics and pop culture will be present at March Madness. Become a patron. All Rights Reserved. Today is 91 days after the season began, or the 92nd day of the season. each letter was associated with a fixed value, and a sequence of letters with the sum of use of all calculators to make sports predictions. It was in that year I discovered Gematria, and since then it has been my mission to help this knowledge reach the world. Yes, you can easily cancel or upgrade your pledge at any time. network that is passionate about, and committed to, creating a Simply put: Gematria is the practice of coding numbers into words. share your valuable input. Otherwise, welcome! This is just one more way that the masses become divided. Lines last updated Friday at 12:06 p.m. Get periodic FREE sports predictions. The Islanders currently have a 17-7 record in the Stanley Cup Finals. ET (Pac-12 Network). accuracy, UKch predictions -91, 13th tri. Analyzing Saturday's Duke at North Carolina odds and lines, with expert college basketball picks, predictions and best bets. Monthly $5000 Semi-annually UFC 285 takes the spotlight in Las Vegas, as Jon Jones battles Ciryl Gane and Valentina Shevchenko takes on Alexa Grasso. 24/3 date. Free Gematria Sports Picks Discover the powerful influence of numbers By Staff accuracy, U Swiss. I did a decode showing how Super Bowl LVIIs matchup was scripted according to the plot of Harry Potter books and films: Oz and the Harry Potter Super Bowl. Play our free daily Pickem Challenge and win! Please enter your username or email address. That depends how much are you willing to study and learn? If Brewers lose 1 of 4, theyll have 34 losses, This series has a great chance to follow, If Brewers go 3-1 vs. Pirates, theyll be 7-3 *, -Burnes is 3-4 (15-10 for career) *Can fall to 3-5 *, -D-Backs are on 22 wins as the Suns make the NBA Finals *, -If Giants lose today, theyll going into 50 date num. As stay on 34 losses *35DN, *Athletics=34, stay on 34 losses, Marlins can pick up 35th win on Thursday, If Nationals lose 3 of 4, theyll be 41-41 at end of series. monthly newsletter. Bet legally online with a trusted partner: Tipico Sportsbook, SportsbookWires official sportsbook partner in CO and NJ. their respective values was used to create a word/phrase. Thunder looking for 16th win, 16th Fibonacci number = 987, 3 x 7 x 47, 47th prime = 15, Blazers 15th loss. 2). College sports coverage from USA TODAY Sports Media Group: Alabama / Arkansas / Auburn / Clemson/ Colorado/ Florida/ Georgia / Iowa / LSU/ Michigan/ Michigan State / Nebraska / North Carolina / Notre Dame/ Ohio State/ Oklahoma / Oregon / Penn State / Rutgers / Tennessee/ Texas / Texas A&M/ USC/ Wisconsin / College Football News, Sign up for the USA TODAY Sportsbook Wire newsletter to get our top stories in your inbox every morning. Gematria decoding and Check our What is gematria? About Jarod Decodes Sports . Take the time to LEARN about Gematria. unlimited He was born in 17 39. Lost your password? We have tested Eagles 24-7. All Right Reserved. Thank you for helping me in that effort! 21+, see for Terms and Conditions. sierra canyon jv basketball roster, 1 bedroom council flat slough, mennonite dress patterns,